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    A pretty cool article was written about my story thus far.

    "Marin native Sinead Kennedy has taught shark diving, worked with Malala Yousafzai, and run the country's biggest food truck gathering—and somehow she still finds time to surf."


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    Designing for Wearable Technology

    More than just crap on your wrist.

    Close your eyes with your phone in your hand and ask yourself this: What can you still do with your mobile device now that your vision is gone?


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    On Snapchat

    Kind of like making brownies in a mug or Wyclef Jean guest starring on Sesame Street, it somehow works.

    The idea with Snapchat is almost the exact opposite: we are no longer on a quest for approval, we are simply sharing without any expectations.


    I still seek approval

    6 User Experience Tips

    People don’t read online, they scan, and they scan in an F pattern.

    Eye tracking cameras can show us where the user is looking on the screen and generate heat maps they discovered that people tend to look at sites in an F-shaped pattern.


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    Marketing, Design, and the Ocean

    I'm the Founder of Diverge Labs, a marketing agency with a digital products lab. We specialize in emotion-evoking marketing to drive action and creating unique digital products.


    I recently led teams at Off the Grid, an amazing company creating powerful community experiences, events, and digital products. I also used to work with start ups, non profits, and advocacy groups as a Digital Strategist, helping them with branding, ad campaigns, building products, and digital marketing.


    When not working, you can find me camping, SCUBA diving, traveling, or reminiscing about my Shark Diving years at a San Francisco bar.
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    A sample of past projects 

    Al Jazeera’s Pirate Fishing


    Worked on Al Jazeera’s Pirate Fishing web application project with the goal of improving user-experience and user journey, deepening user engagement, and increasing overall participation rates. Navigation of the interactive web app as well as all video selections and placements are strategically encouraging user sharing as well as social media and blog conversation. 


    Malala Fund


    Digital Strategy, branding, campaign planning, strategy, and execution along with social media content creation and overall management for the Malala Fund.


    United Nations Week


    Managed the overall development for binging a mobile product to life in time for the United Nations Week in New York City. Utilizing Lean Startup methodology, was able to produce and manage all information architecture, design,and content for a finished product in three days.


    Global Witness


    One of the largest non-profits focusing on corruption had a major issue: They had just won a major prize (the TED prize) but didn't have much of a digital presence. We were brought in to help prioritize stakeholder goals, understand the needs and overall campaign strategy, and provide fresh ideas to optimize their digital presence. With a tight partnership with TED, we also oversaw the implementation of the digital plan and engagement strategy for a digital audience of nearly half a million.



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